About JPB

JPB is a global leader in the supply of food and food products. We have grown from humble agrarian beginnings in 1943 into a leading partner today. And although much has changed since then, the important things haven’t. Our customers depend on us daily to provide them with our food, brands and services on time and according to agreement.

What sets JPB apart in our industry? It all comes down to experience and exclusive relationships. Our customer focus is unparalleled in its ambition and know-how to help you grow. We are known as a strategic growth partner due to what we promise and what we deliver. We protect our customers in their markets with our brands. Our expertise, innovation, dedication and global network is there for you every step of the way. You can safely grow your business without having to worry about the competition selling the same brand.

We are a household name in over 90 countries.  We have only been able to become what we are today because we have always stayed true to the idea that whatever we decide to do, we do it to add value for all parties involved. From farm to plate, our value is added by the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in our products, relationships and markets. We know it is essential to keep moving forward, therefore we keep investing in our people, organization and network to keep becoming better. Every single day.

This way of doing business is evident in the extensive global network we have built around us over the decades. We have constantly been travelling to faraway places since 1943. That, even today, includes places where the competition doesn’t set foot. We go that much farther because we know that those extra steps make all the difference. They always have and they always will. 

Our relationships are forged in places where development happens at an increasing pace.  And this not only the case for places where we deliver our products. This also an origin story. We take just as much care in the building of relationships with our suppliers as we do with the relationships with our customers.

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