JPB is our flagship brand. It was our first and it is our family name. It traveled the world before the current generation was born. It stands for quality and exclusivity. It stands for attention to detail and pride of first-class products. It stands for the company it represents. For excellence in packaging, in subtlety, in form and in substance.  From the beginning until today, we only select the very best for the JPB brand. JPB stands for food products that have been selected with attention to care and detail by the best farms and factories in the world. The uniform standards guarantee consistent quality. JPB stands for excellence and exclusivity.


The farmer is the agricultural icon. The hero of the story. Starfarm is dedicated to the farmer. Why? Because the farmer works the land tirelessly. Every day. Dawn till dusk. The farmer takes pride in the craft. The farmer knows the sacrifices. The farmer stands for dedication and labor, for quality and quantity. The farmer stands for no excuses made. For finishing the job, whatever it takes. For early mornings and long days. We respect and appreciate the farmer. The farmer is the star of the show. But the farmer knows better than to ask for recognition as farming is ‘what I do’. But with every product we sell, we at JPB remember this. Starfarm is a brand in honor of the farmer. Because the farmer is Starfarm and Starfarm is the farmer.


Tastu is our youngest, most remarkable brand. The odd one out, perhaps, maybe. A brand with an attitude. But not just rebellion without a cause. It stands for development. For novelty and quality and doing better things and doing things better. It stands for vibrant people and the audacity to live on one’s own terms. It stands for new smells, markets and foods. For a little more strength and boldness. Better times maybe even. It’s represented by strong colors and shapes and isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. But don’t be afraid of the quality. it is just as audacious in its quality goals as its older brothers and sisters. And of course, it still is a JPB brand. So that means that that part is always guaranteed.


The CRIMSUN pink onion is – as its name suggests – pink. Or rather, a crimson color of a lovely evening sky with a setting sun on the horizon. The CRIMSUN pink onion is a cultivated variation of the red and yellow onion. The result of an intensive seed improvement program. Its refinement yet strength is what sets it apart. The CRIMSUN onion is very popular with customers over the whole world who use it as a higher quality substitute for the red onion.

Specialist Brands

Aside from the brands named here, we administer and market a number of other brands for our customers exclusively. Please contact us about exclusive possibilities.

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