President's Letter

From the Dutch agricultural heartland where my grandfather started his humble yet ambitious potato business to the sheer volume and market strength spanning over 90 countries and five continents, JPB prides itself with eighty years of very global yet highly local business. Business where experience, high standards and loyalty are the essential ingredients to lasting success.


We all know the world is changing. It always has been, but now it is happening at an unprecedented pace. It only seems like yesterday where we did all our business with faxes, telexes and typewriters. Today we use leading technology and systems to make sure we are always fully updated and in the know. We have always needed to adapt to be able to thrive. Especially in the countries where we do a great deal of our business, circumstances can change rapidly. Since 1943 we make sure our products and brands reach our customers exactly the way they need them to. Wherever that may be, and however difficult at times that is. This point is important to us. Even in a globalized world, we have always been front runners in moving toward people and places others don’t see or care to. Our motto is ‘Let’s Grow Together’. And that isn’t just because we want to help our customers and suppliers grow their business. It is because we believe, as we have proven for eight decades, that we can perform better together. For our own families and communities, but also that of our entire environment. Community is essential in this people’s business.


Food export is what pays the bills. But we build sustainable brands, businesses and friendships along the way. And we do that across cultures, people, continents and oceans. As long as our business partners want to grow their business with us, they know they will always have that possibility with JPB. And with that an organization who they can trust and depend on. This comes from the firm belief that, wherever on earth we are, the only way to make business successful is to always actively look for the mutual interest. And with the consistent meeting of that mutual interest is where trust grows.  That is why we always look for the needs behind the person we work with, and the higher vision of their organizations. Only when we can complement both, can we succeed in our goal of growing together.


Please feel welcome to grow with us,




Jan Beemsterboer

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