Responsible Growth

JPB has always looked toward the future. Because of that we are a profitable and sustainable organization. And we are well aware that we are dependent on nature for our survival. The world is changing at a rapid pace. We therefore strive, in all our partnerships, towards companywide uniform standards to have a positive impact. We are of the firm belief that if you have the power to create sustainable change, it is your duty to create it. So how do we?

Food Safety and Quality

Food safety is absolutely essential. In a globalized world, what is in one’s food is something that you always have to keep close control of. We don’t only trust our suppliers, we check that the products are produced and shipped not only compliant to the rules of the place of origin and destination, but all necessary due diligence is performed. The factories we work with are industry leading and the farmers we have alliances with keep making sure that quality and safety is at the top of their agenda. And they have the certificates to prove it.

Sustainable Partnerships

We have always chosen our partners with quality as the main ingredient. Quality in product, but also quality in the way they act. We have built partnerships spanning many decades, and always make sure that they are certified and have the same standards as we do. We work with partners who use innovation and technological advancement to become more efficient and use green solutions as much as possible moving forward.

Poverty Alleviation and Community Building

Our impact on the livelihoods of our customers and their environment is not one without merit. We also supply in numerous developing countries. We work together with dependable distributors who provide their employees, their families, and their communities a way to sustainably build toward a better future.

Supply Chains

From soil to plate in the most natural, ecologically sound way, maintaining the lowest possible emissions. We always purchase our local and global transport keeping this in mind.

Compliance and Certifications

We comply with all necessary industry standards and expect that from our suppliers as well. We are ISO certified so our quality in doing business is assured. It is simple for us. We say what we do and then do what we say. We comply with all regulatory demands, nationally and internationally. We carefully vet our customers and suppliers to make sure that they are also compliant. We always need to know who we work with. No exceptions.

Fleet Neutrality

We are participants in an industry which is rapidly changing. It is essential to control as much as possible from soil to plate to make sure it is as sustainable and responsible as possible. What we do at home and in the office matters as well. And what better way than to drive electrically? The majority of our cars are already electric, and in the very short term the last remaining ones will be as well.

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