JPB. A Global Household Name Since 1943.

JPB delivers top grade food and food products in our exclusive signature brands to our global customer base. Since 1943, JPB has grown into a global food distribution leader by specializing in fresh, frozen, commodities and consumer foods. Drawn from eight decades of experience spanning 90 countries, our exclusive signature brands have become household names due to consistent high quality and professional service. Why is JPB the right partner for your business? Because our way of working creates uniform standards for our network and their environment to be able to safely and sustainably grow their businesses and livelihoods. We only buy from the best to deliver the best. From farm to table we want to grow together.

80 Years, 80 Countries

This year we are celebrating our 80th birthday with our ‘80 years, 80 countries’-campaign. Each month – with the help of a timeline – we will publish an in-depth article about the origins and development of our organization across decades. You can find the timeline and the articles here

Why JPB?

Based in the north-west of The Netherlands, we are at the very center of the agricultural heartland. And although after 80 years we source our products from all corners of the globe, we can still safely say that wherever we go, we uphold our name by doing business according to our standards. Whatever the product, and whoever the customer. Because we only deliver what we are truly excellent in, that’s what brings us to where we are today. Our aim is to share that success with businesses who think alike.


JPB. Let’s Grow Together.

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