80 Years, 80 Countries

For our 80 years, 80 countries campaign we will be sharing stories of 80 years JPB. Every month one behind the scenes story over the years will be shared on Linkedin. The links will be found in the chapters below.

Chapter 1: Beginnings & Character

Here we are taking the opportunity to go back in time and look at who J.P.B. was and what it was that made him start JPB.

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Chapter 2: Historical Context for Global Trade

We look back at the period between '45 and '75 and discuss which external historical factors enabled JPB’s success.

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Chapter 3: The Culture of Adventure

We look at the culture of JPB, what foundations where there in those early years and what remains today.

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Chapter 4: A day in the life of a JPB Trader

It is a story of a day in the life of a trader for JPB. Please feel welcome to read the whole article.

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