We are world renowned for our Dutch onions because we constantly source and deliver the best. Our onions are harvested, dried and stored with the best technology under optimal conditions. Since 1943 we have consistently built partnerships based on quality with farmers who meet our standards. No exceptions. Our volumes make sure we can deliver you the size you need when you need it. Our onions are suitable for all applications, from supermarket to foodservice and from industry to fresh markets. We can deliver in our brand packaging or poly bags. From the smallest supermarket packaging all through to big bags, we always stand by our quality.

Yellow Onions

We are proud to say that our yellow onions are one of the products which grew us as a company. Even today, JPB stands synonymous to Dutch onions. And after all those years we still get the very best from the soil to your doorstep. We deliver anywhere between 35 mm and 105 mm onions.


Crimsun owes its name to the rare pink color you see when you look up and see a beautiful clear evening sky. It has been created as the onion to meet tomorrow’s retail and food service demands. Today, it is a favorite staple globally. It owes its flagship popularity to its distinct characteristics. It has been steadily growing in demand because it optimally combines the quality attributes of yellow with the premium presentation and nuance of red. It has been developed with the future in mind, where highly efficient crop yields and low supply chain impact are as essential as durability, firmness, robustness, color and taste. Go to Crimsun.com.

Red Onions

Red onions have a strong taste and are famous for their purple ring on every layer. They have their applications in the higher end of the market. We deliver anywhere between 35 mm and 105 mm onions.


Hereby you will find the sizes, all in millimeter denominations:
35-50, 45-65, 50-70, 60-80, 90-70, 75-105.

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