Where our competitors have only been active for a modest amount of years in the countries we enjoy our presence, our grandparents already started working together eighty years ago. We looked for new horizons and found people who made us feel at home during long travels. We have looked for ways to work together and found solutions in an age where things were not as straightforward. So when we say we speak your language, you understand that we don’t only mean that we understand the words you are saying. We understand their meaning. And if there is one thing that we want to pass on to the next generation it is this.


The sense of connection and mutual understanding needs to be found and maintained, wherever in the world we go. Loyalty is the bedrock of our business. We are firm believers that one doesn’t try to sell to everyone to be successful. We build our relationships based on exclusive partnerships.

Exclusive Brands

JPB purposely offers brand exclusivity in our markets. Brands which no competition can touch in your area. This is our pledge, and this promise is kept. Because of this our customers can safely distribute their products and keep increasing their market share.

Uniform Standards

Each product we sell, in whichever brand it is, is industry leading. That’s why we make mindful choices whom to work with and whom not to. This is on the supply side, on the shipping side and on the customer side. We need to be able to work together with the same goal in mind.

If the standards are not upheld by our counterparty, then we do not proceed with them. We take great care of our network by maintaining high standards. That is why our name stands for quality and service in the countries we do business in.


When the world was a different place in the 1940’s we were already traversing the globe looking for business, connection, and let’s be honest: adventure. And that is something we still strive for today. That is also a prerequisite for success within the organization. The joy of foreign lands and cultures must be abundant.

Our employees all love visiting new places and forging new bonds. It is in the very essence of the company. We must, however, not trivialize the fact that we work in countries where the ease of doing business is low. But that’s the thing. It is worth the investment. Especially when things go well and mutual success follows.

Growth Partnerships

Our motto is ‘Let’s Grow Together’. We build trust by providing trust. We have strong brands which customers use in their markets exclusively. By working together to build our brands, we support them in building theirs. We always make deals which are integrative and help our customers stay on top in their market. Due to our protection in the market, our customers can grow their business effectively and efficiently.

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