Crafty Beginnings

How did it all start? With an instinct for business and entrepreneurial courage. An instinct which defines our course of action until this day. An instinct which has made our family business last and prosper for eighty years. This is our why.


In the beginning of the twentieth century craft was still passed on from father to son. That is how Cor Beemsterboer, just like his father before him, became a baker. But he did more than bake bread. He saw an opportunity and seized it. He went from door to door selling his goods. He created his first market.

The Next Step

Cor’s business savvy was passed on to his children. When fourth son Jan Piet, born in 1922, came into contact with a trader in cattle feed who asked him if he knew where to find straw and baby potatoes, the seventeen year old saw a chance to start his first commercial endeavor. He decided to grab it. The first small step towards the enterprise we know today was taken.


In 1943 Jan Piet Beemsterboer, JPB for short, officially started his trading firm in import and export of agricultural products such as potatoes, onions, cabbage and carrots. A bold step in the middle of the second world war. But it payed off. The company grew and flourished after peace returned.

The Expansion

Jan Piet Beemsterboer passed on his genes to the next generation. In 1972 Peter Beemsterboer and Jan Piet’s son-in-law Bram Dekker took over the firm, and expanded JPB further. Where the company was originally a trade firm, the two young men expanded operations. Cold storages and warehouses, garages, a sorting company, distribution hubs and other business followed. For over thirty years the company was heavily diversified.


Jan Piet’s grandson Jan Beemsterboer took over ownership in 2005 and returned to what made JPB successful in the first place. Trading and export. He decided to expand the offering and focus on a number of products where there would be sustainable competitive advantage to be had because of JPB’s position.


A new focus on four areas was decided upon in which we could consistently compete strategically. JPB started focusing on frozen products such as vegetables, french fries, and proteins, on other fresh products such as garlic, and on commodities such as oils, rice, pulses and seeds, and consumer goods such as pasta, mayonnaise, and mustard.

We have grown our customer base to over 90 countries in five continents, where Africa, Latin America and Asia are our primary markets. And as said, our relationships are key to our prolonged success. Our eighty years of experience has given us a sea of knowledge on how to do things, and just as important, how not to. These best practices have set us up for the future.

Growing Towards Tomorrow

No one knows exactly what tomorrow will bring. There are many factors and scenarios which we need to take into account to successfully lead us into the coming decades. But whatever happens, and however we need to keep adapting, some things will never change. Our people, our network and our brands will always be our top priority.

We will always stand right by the side of those who will do their best to grow their business in a proper, sustainable way. They will always have our support because we believe that long term partnerships are based on trust and loyalty. And we know we need to keep giving it to keep receiving it. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. We pledge to always uphold our standards and do what we can to add value.

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