Global Markets, Local Knowledge

We know our markets, and we always maintain the ambition to learn and grow. Wherever in the world, we are known for our local expertise and cultural understanding. Our employees know their way around in your country and speak your language. And we understand your needs.

Suppliers Networks

We work globally with the best suppliers to bring you the most up to date product offering. We have been working with only the best certified farms, producers, and factories to be able to supply the best products available to your port of destination in a timely fashion. Be it in product innovation or exclusive packaging and branding, we always lead the way forward by adding value.

Risk Management

We have been working all over the world for quite some decades now. And we all like to think we are in control. But unexpected things do happen. They always have, and they always will. That’s why we take risk very seriously. In our industry, that isn’t a secret to success. However, the way of dealing with it is. We take all possible precautions to make sure things go according to plan. But when it doesn’t, we can safely say that whenever an issue arises, we are right there to solve it. Almost eighty years of experience have made sure that we are experts at making sure things go well. In the global food business, we survive because of our solutions. Come what may, we are right there next to you, making sure your product arrives the way it should.

Focused Industry and Product Offering

We know the similarities and differences between industries. We deliver to distributors, food service, quick service restaurants, retail, physical markets, processing plants and factories.

Logistical Excellence

We have become successful because of something which is highly undervalued in the industry. Relationships can be world class on a sales and procurement level, but they would all be worthless without the value we assign to our logistics department. That’s why we started investing early to find the best people and use the best systems in the industry.

Due to our extensive networks in global shipping and knowledge of all documentation demands, they always make sure that every order is sent and processed as smoothly and economically as possible. They also make sure the accompanying documents arrive complete, legalized and on time. At JPB everyone is just as important as their colleagues, and logistics gets the full recognition they deserve.

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